Thursday, October 29, 2009

Morning Musume's 41st Single

Morning Musume's 41st Single "Kimagure Princess" released today (link is to PV).

^ Morning Musume in Kimagure Princess outfits.

"Kimagure Princess" translates to "Fickle Princess". The single will be used as the ending theme song for a TV show in Japan called "The Gyakuryuu Researchers" (don't know what this show is about, likely a drama or comedy). This single will also be Kusumi Koharu last with Morning Musume, as she graduates from the group in December.

I usually like most of Morning Musume's songs, but this one... I totally dislike it. It just doesn't work for me at all. Probably because parts of the song sounds like chipmunks, and Takahashi Ai is using a "diva" voice for some parts instead of her normal pleasant singing voice. Could also be because I'm comparing this single to AKB48's RIVER single, which I think is an awesome song :)

The Good: Outfits look cool, all Kamei Eri parts, some Takahashi Ai parts, and the chorus is ok.
The Bad: Everything else.
and The Ugly: Chipmunk voices.

This single was released with 4 different versions. Even though I don't like the song much, I pre-ordered all 4 verisons since I'm a collector by nature, I have a completest attitude, and I'm a Morning Musume wota.
Limited Edition A: Single + Dance Shot DVD
Limited Edition B: Single + Close-up DVD
Limited Edition C: Single + 10 different CD covers
Normal Edition D: Single

This week's episode of AKBingo! if people are interested (I also updated the link to last week's episode if people are looking for it). The 1st part is another AKVegas segment with an obstacle course, similar to last week's (some funny parts). 2nd part is 2 of the girls cooking a surprise breakfast for a random fan (not that interesting unless you know some japanese), followed by a short RIVER performance.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Packages Galore

Got 4 packages today in the mail.

^Never got 4 in one day before.

Package #1:

^ From The Real Ghostbusters DVD Collection. I also got a book called "Yokai Attack: the Japanese Monster Survival Guide."

Package #2:

^From It contained the 2010 Oshima Yuko Calendar and the 2010 Kasai Tomomi Calendar. I couldn't decide which one to get, so I got both :) I didn't know that they would be this big either.

Package #3:

^ From It contained the new Oshima Yuko Photobook and Mark's CD (not pictured). Alas, I wasn't lucky enough to get an autographed photobook.

Package #4:
This is the best package of all. It's from Emi's mom in Osaka Japan.

^ Lots of Nissin instant noodle cup refills, pencils that look like chopsticks, eraser, and the new Nissin re-usable noodle cup. The best part is that the cup is autographed by Kasai Tomomi (from AKB48)!!!! (I'm totally showing my fanboy-ism/wota-ism now)
Arigato gozaimasu Emi!
Arigato gozaimasu Emi's Mom!

Now I'm not sure if I should use the cup. I don't want the autograph to melt off in the microwave or wash off in the sink. I guess next time I'm in Japan (maybe this coming May?) I'll have to pickup a non-autographed cup.

^ Kasai signing cup (middle) and autograph

Work Layoffs

Today was a dark day at CMC. A bunch of people got layed off, including 4 of my good friends: Thu, Stefano, Mark, and Bryan. I'm still kind of in shock and a bit angry. I'm super shocked about Stefano and Mark. I thought they were the future backbones of CMC, aka "CMC Lifers"(sorry Thu/Bryan I pictured you guys at CMC too, but not as Lifers). It won't be the same at CMC without all of you. I'll try my best to keep in touch with all of you too.

If your reading this Thu: I didn't see any jello or a red container in the fridge. I did see lychee cubes and grapefruit fruit cup. Is that what you wanted me to take? email me at CMC. BTW: I went to T&T at 8:15pm today. There was still a lineup outside the door. I didn't go in.

If your reading this Stefano: Now you got lots of free time. I expect you to watch all of Mendol. I still think you will like it and find it funny. Don't forget to set your hockey pool lines.

If your reading this Mark: I got your CD from Japan in the mail today. See me when you pick up your stuff at CMC.

If your reading this Bryan: The bag of stuff you left for me; I'm giving back to you next time I see you. I want you to have that stuff.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Car Held Hostage!

Took my car to the Mazda Dealership this afternoon for scheduled maintenance and installation of my winter tires. They held my car hostage for 1.5hrs. Forced me to pay a hefty ransom of $200 before they released the car back to me. (~_^)

Afterwards I went to Canadian Tire and bought a small fire extinguisher (BC rated). They're on sale this week for $18 from $24. While at Canadian Tire, I bumped into my old friend Naeem. He looked to be doing some shopping. Not sure if he was playing "hooky" from work, the kids, or something :)

Bought some Fries from the French Fry Truck outside Canadian Tire. French Fry Truck Fries are so tasty. Way better than anywhere else.

^ 1/2 Bag of French Fry Truck Fries. Ate the other 1/2 on the drive home. Yummy!

More AKB48 news:
RIVER officially became AKB48's first #1 single on Oricon Charts, with 179,000+ CDs sold. This also gave them the highest first week sales for any female artist in Japan in 2009 (beating out YUI's "again" with 163,634). This info made the News in Japan:

^ News about AKB48's RIVER being #1 on Oricon Charts

Monday, October 26, 2009

Package from Nintendo?

Received a package in the mail today. It was from Nintendo Canada. I don't recall ordering anything from Nintendo...?

^ Package from Nintendo. What is it?

It was my Free Gift from Club Nintendo. I got it for obtaining Platinum Status in their site (achieved through buying games, providing feedback/reviews, and answering their surveys). The free gift was a cosplay Mario Cap.

^ Mario Cap. Maybe I'll wear it for Halloween? Just need to buy a mustache.

AKB48 will be on Music Japan tonight. Music Japan is on every Monday night at 12:10am. Its hosted by Sekine Mari and techno-pop group Perfume. AKb48 seem to be on every music show, variety show, and magazine these days (not to mention on this blog every other day ^_^).

^ AKB48 on Music Japan. Morning Musume next week, along with BoA and Bon Jovi.

Whopper + Zombie Finger Cookies

To celebrate the release of Windows 7, Burger King Japan created the Windows 7 Whopper. Its got 7 beef patties.

^ Windows 7 Whopper

Zombie Finger Cookies:
These cookies are just cool. I might just try and make some, unless some really nice blog readers make some for me :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend of Magic, Curry, Cabinets, and Green Wontons?

Played alot of 3 player Magic Friday night with Gordon and Ben. We played regular Magic and then some games with Planechase. My upgraded soldier deck is really powerful. I pulled off a Captain of the Watch + Clone + Clone combo to crush Ben and Gordon at the same time. (Gavin beware)
The Planechase games were fun too. Lots of randomness and hilarity when using the planes.

Was planning on making a big pot of Beef Stew on Saturday, but couldn't find any marrow filled Soup Bones at Farmboy to give it the awesome flavour. So I converted the Beef Stew into Beef Curry. The curry I used was imported from Osaka, Japan. It was really yummy :) It should taste even better on Sunday, when the flavours soak in.

^ Osaka Beef Curry on Rice

^ Dessert was Moon Cake

Wrapped some big Green Wontons Sunday morning, but I kind of ruined them with holes. You know, its the kind of wonton that you blow your nose so hard, that it blows through the tissue. :) I'm sure some readers have experienced this problem. LOL (no pics, not even if requested)

My dad came over and helped me put up some cabinets in the garage. The cabinets are from my parent's old kitchen.

^ 3 re-used kitchen cabinets

AKB48's new single: RIVER, hit the charts at #1 on 2009/10/23 showing of "Music Station". Music Station is THE top music show in Japan. AKB48 are listed to perform as guests on next week's Music Station. TV Japan, on Rogers TV, only shows every other Music Station episode (and is about 1 month behind), so I hope I get that episode.

BTW: Stefano... ahem... $20 :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lunch today -> Sushi

Some of the CMC gang went to Hockey Sushi today for lunch. It was good. We ordered alot of stuff and it was fairly fast service. We probably ordered about 50 sushi pieces, 7 maki rolls (6 pieces each), 24 tempura pieces, a couple hand rolls, and 11 ice cream bowls. All that food for just the 6 of us.

^ 2 Dynamite rolls, 2 Spicy Crab Meat rolls, and 1 Salmon & Avocado roll

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dinner today -> Salt and Pepper Squid and Liver

Made Salt and Pepper Squid using the recipe from T&T. Turned out pretty well. Was abit spicy as I used abit too much chili peppers.
I also fried then steamed some chicken liver. Not bad. This dish had abit too much garlic. Still my tastes could have been off, because I burnt my tongue on the S&P Squid :)

^ Chicken Liver and Salt and Pepper Squid
CMC Note: Leftover Salt and Pepper Squid samples available at my desk Friday 9am, while supplies last.
Update1: I forgot the S&P Squid at home. I may go get it this morning. Updates to follow.
Update2: I went home and got it. Available at my desk now.

I ordered The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVDs today. Ben and I used to watch this show before leaving for grade school every weekday. We would miss the ending of alot of episodes.

Robot Hockey Pool Week 2 results: Fongpay 5 vs Godzilla 4. Gives me 3rd place in a 12 team league.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kremzeek causing havoc to the lab computers today, by messing up some data files. It was discovered that the clipboard didn't refresh, and kept copying and pasting the same data file, even though the file was modified multiple times.

^ Kremzeek, Kremzeek!

It was all sorted out in the end and I completed all my testing for a project. Then they kick me off the team!!! :) No, no. I just finished my part for the project and there is no budget to keep me on any longer. I hope to be back on the project, when CMC gets the contract for the next phase of the project.

Watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen tonight. I still like the movie. Some scenes were kind of long, but it was good. Not awesome, but good.

^ Prime fights dirty.

Just finished watching today's episode of AKBingo! It was awesome and hilarious! I recommend people watch the 1st part (AKVegas segment) with the cosplay obstacle course, LOL. You don't need to know Japanese to figure it out.

There is also a short RIVER performance at the end of the show.
Next week looks to have another AKVegas obstacle course segment :)

^ Still hate the last line in RIVER.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dinner today -> Yoshinoya Style Lamb Bowl

Made more Yoshinoya style lamb bowl tonight for dinner. Experimented with a squeeze of lemon to finish the cooking. Gave it a nice little kick.
Didn't eat it with a raw egg in it this time either. I figure I shouldn't eat a raw egg until I fully recover from my cold/flu/whatever sickness it is. Still have a stupid lingering cough, scratchy throat, and stuffy nose.

^ Lamb bowl.

Bought Tranformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen today. Probably watch it tomorrow night. Stayed late at CMC to do some testing tonight.

^ TF2:RotF Special Edition

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner today -> Instant Pancakes

Bought a new product from the Super Store called "Batter Blaster".

^ Batter Blaster.

It makes instant pancakes. They turned out really well, and there's no mess to clean up. I like to put peanut butter between each pancake.

^ Instant Pancakes with lotsa syrup.

News Snippets from Japan...
The hotdog eating champ, Kobayashi, set a Guinness record for eating 7 Hotdogs in 3 minutes. Doesn't sound very hard. I think Stefano or Steve can do this easily. Maybe they should try...

Flu hitting Jpop Idols hard. A pile of Hello! Project members are out sick with the flu. If I were a betting man (which I am), I'd be betting members in Morning Musume will getting the flu soon too.
Flu seems to be going around CMC too. An above average number of sniffles, coughing, and sneezing can be heard all-over CMC.

Oshima Yuko
On her birthday (Oct 17), Oshima Yuko released her new Photobook.

^ Yuko and her books. I pre-ordered one.

^ I hope I get an autograph one too (they are randomly shipped).

FYI: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is released on Tuesday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Report

Saturday was Zack's 1st Birthday Party. Happy Birthday Zack! Brought my Umeshu for people to try out. Later, we played a game called "25 Questions or less". It's pretty fun.

Spent most of Sunday at CMC updating and running tests for a project.

Dinner Sunday was Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp.

^ Made 2 large servings: 1 for din-din, 1 for lunch Monday.

Late Sunday night Ben called me and needed his normal XBox360 faceplate back, because he got the Red-Ring-of-Death! No more Marvel Ultimate Alliances 2 for awhile.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dinner today -> Chicken Salad Sandwich

I shredded the left over BBQ Chicken to make a Chicken Salad Sandwich for dinner today. Made with some green onion, Miracle Whip, sea salt, black pepper, and 1/2 lemon to give it a fresh kick. Added a slice of cheddar cheese for the final touch.

^ Off to eat this tasty sandwich while watching today's episode of Shukan AKB (another weekly AKB48 TV show).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Strawberry Plant Update

It's been pretty cold the past couple of weeks, but it doesn't seem to be affecting my strawberry plant too much. It's still blooming and slowly bearing fruit.

^ Cold Resistant Strawberry Plant?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Suiensaa, RIVER PV, and Seating

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMI!!! I hope you like the stuff I sent you, Gavin, and Yuto.

A bit tired today as I was up til 2:45am last night. I was up late because NHK changed the TV schedule for TV Japan (Rogers Ch829). Monday nights at 2:15am now airs AKB48's educational TV show "Suiensaa" (english title is "Fun Science for Teens"). It's hosted by Oshima Mai (graduated AKB48 member), a comedian duo (one of which is Fujimoto Miki's husband ~ who forced her to quit Morning Musume), and they are joined by 3-4 different AKB48 members every episode. Yesterday's episode was about soccer penalty shootouts.

Today, the Promotional Video (PV) for AKB48's 14th single "RIVER" was released. The actual single will be released next week on Oct 21. The PV was filmed in collaboration with the Japan Self-Defense Force ("SDF" like in the Macross anime ~ I didn't know SDF was real until recently). The PV has alot of cool scenes (ie Team B TopGun shot @ 2:27) and was almost like a US Army commercial, but I still like it.
"RIVER" is suppose to a song about believing in yourself, to never give up, and it doesn't matter how big the obstacles are (aka the River) you should be able to overcome it (aka crossing the River).
The only part I hate is the last line of the song, "You can do it!". Everytime I hear it, I picture Rob Schneider from Waterboy.

^ AKB48 - RIVER (Low Quality PV)

Last topic is this article I read today about "10 things you definitely should not do in Japan". I think #6 should be enforced when the CMC gang goes out for lunches. I'm sure you CMC people would unquestionably sacrifice yourselves for me :)
6) Choose the Wrong Seat
There's a somewhat antiquated custom when it comes to eating out in groups. If you're with some business colleagues, it's better for a junior member (in terms of hierarchy, not age) to take the seat closest to the doorway or access point, the senior member the farthest away. The belief is that should an attack occur, the least experienced (thus the least valuable) will be killed first, giving the others time to mobilize and protect the higher-ups.

BTW Robot Hockey Pool Week 1 results: Fongpay 5 vs Chuck Norris 2. So Chuck, I'll be collecting on our Breakfast bet Wednesday morning. Don't forget to sit near near the doorway when we eat :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner today -> Microwave Hotdogs and Moon Cake

Din-din today was microwave hotdogs. Why? Simple, fast, and because the hotdogs were going to expire in a week :)

^ Microwave Hotdogs in Toast with Mircle Whip and 'Bread and Butter' Pickles.

Finally got around to trying out those "'Bread and Butter' Pickles" Steve gave me last week.
Not bad. Subtle and not overpowering taste. Not too sour. Has a sweet crunch too it. Light pickling flavour that cleanses the palette. Overall, a really good pickle.
Now it brings up the question: Where do you buy 'Bread and Butter' Pickles? Steve, people are waiting?

Dessert was a moon cake. This kind was a white lotus paste with 2 egg yokes. I used to not like the egg in the moon cake, but I've developed a taste for it.

^ FYI: Soon after taking this pic. I dropped the moon cake on the floor. Its all good because the 5 second rule applies here :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dinner today -> Roast Beef

Went to my parent's house for dinner today. My sister made Roast Beef, whipped Potatoes, and broccoli.

^ Roast Beef was abit salty, but the meal was still good.

Earlier in the day, I played about 5hrs of Marvel Alliances 2 on XBox 360 with my bro. It's the 2nd time through on Legendary difficulty.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dinner today -> Beef Stew

I made an awesome beef stew today. The key ingredient was some marrow filled soup bones from FarmBoy. It was so good.

^ Beef Stew with rice (stewing beef-hip, soup bones, carrots, red potatoes, onions)

Saturday was "AKB48 Sports Festival 2009". It's similar to what Hello! Project used to do with their Sports Festivals for Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, and other H!P idols.
Today it was Team A (captained by Takamina) vs Team K (captained by Yuko) vs Team B (captained by Cindy), competing against each other in various events (ie team relay, penalty kicks, 50m sprints, sumo, etc). Select fans were also allowed to help the teams during some events (not sure how they were chosen). They also held mini-concerts at the beginning and midway points of the festival.
Today's festival is the last AKB48 event before these teams are broken up and re-shuffled into new Team A, Team K, and Team B.

^ In the end, Team K won. YES!

^ Oshima Yuko was declared MVP of the festival.
(pics from Yuko's blog)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Umeshu Opened

So I watched those TV Commercials Emi linked me to, about Umeshu. Seems like it's mostly women who drink this? Is this a girly-drink? Anyways I decided to open the bottle and try it.

/Autoscout/ "Analysis complete. Alcohol level of 23.6% detected."

It tastes really good. It's real sweet with a fruity flavour, almost like juice. You can't taste the alcohol either.
I think I'll stock up and buy myself another bottle.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dinner today -> Chicken Congee

Made some chicken congee with preserved duck egg tonight. Pretty good. Maybe abit too much chicken to rice ratio.

^ Chicken Congee with Preserved Duck Egg

LCBO and Zack's Present

Just got back from grocery shopping and Halloween candy shopping. I dropped by the LCBO because I was curious to see if they carry the Crystal Head Vodka yet. They don't have it and I don't think they ever will.
I bought some superior sake, which I'll use for cooking some more gyoza in the near future :).
I also found a bottle of Umeshu (Japanese Ume Fruit Liqueur). Never seen it in Ottawa before. I'm not sure if I should drink this hot, cold, or room temp. Suggestions? Also, there are some whole ume plums in the bottle too. Can you eat the ume that are in the bottle?
Anyways, I probably wait until Gavin and Emi bring thier baby over to my house next year, before opening the bottle... probably :)

/Arcee/ *hic* "this is good stuff" *hic*

I got this gift for Zack's 1st BDay party. If anyone else gets this toy, has to return it, as I called it first! :p

BTW Marc/Jes. I'll be coming to the party.

Missing Voice

Was planning on going to CMC this morning, but when I woke up, I didn't have a voice. I'm finding lately that whenever I get really, really sick, I would lose my voice. Weird isn't it?
I got most of my voice back now.

Emi's new dog (Shiba Inu) is really cute. He's at Emi's parent's house in Osaka, Japan. His name is Hi-chan? I saw on "Begin Japanology" a couple of weeks ago, that this breed is very loyal. (The episode about dogs isn't up on Veoh yet.) I'd comment on your blog, but I don't know how to make an account on Ameba.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recovery and TF Busts

Feeling better today. I broke the fever this afternoon and got some of my appetite back. It was kind of cool when the fever broke. I was shivering and then "BOOM", I started sweating, getting really hot, and started feeling better. Right now, I still have a fever, sore throat, and developing a cough :( I'm also debating whether or not if I should go to work tomorrow and infect everyone before the long weekend >:)) mwhahahaha

Other than breaking the fever, I stayed home all day and watched TV (lots of different kinds of Star Trek) and watched AKBingo! direct from Japan using 'Keyhole TV'. Since there's not much news today, I'll post a couple of pics of my Transformer's Busts.

^ I believe I have all the busts produced, minus the 3 Insecticons.

^ "Open Sesame!"

2 weeks after I bought and put the doors on from Ikea, they offered new all glass doors with no frames. I was mad. These doors look nice, but I don't like frame blocking so much of the shelving.